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Mahesh Verma, born in 1965 is a Chennai based astrologer and vaastu consultant. As an astrologer he predicts people's present situations in life and analyses their future based on planetary positions and as a vaastu consultant he offers people advise on how buildings can be constructed or rectified based on ancient texts found in India. These texts suggest principles of design, layout measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry for constructing buildings and their renovation.
Personal history:
Mahesh Verma was born in Chennai in 1965 to Sampatrajji Verma and Misri Devi Verma who belong to a family in the business of gold, jems and jewellery making. The origins of family ancestry of Mahesh Verma lie in Rajasthan. His grandfather Ramnarayanji Johri came to Chennai in 1905 from Bhyawar in Rajasthan in search of business prospects in gems and jewellery.
He learnt basics in astrology from Badri Maharaj and Gopalji Maharaj after finishing his plus-two course in 1983. Later on he met Purushottam Acharya to learn more about astrology. Full time practise of astrology began in 1992.
Mahesh Verma is said to have predicted the triump of Donald Trump as the winner in US presidential elections. Similarly, he is said to have predicted the victory of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 2019 general elections. Also he is said to have predicted the worsening of health condition of former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu J Jayalalithaa. She was admitted in a popular hospital in the recent past owing to health related complications.
Astrological system:
Mahesh Verma follows Indian astrological system and makes predictions based on planetary positions and location of stars as mentioned in Indian almanancs namely Viswa Vijay Panchang and Nirnay Sagar. For astrological predictions for his clients in Tamilnadu he uses Thiruganitam and Vakya Panchangam.
Views on astrology:
He says the ability to predict comes with the help of intuitive ability. The power of intuition can be developed with the blessings of god almighty.